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The RJ League


Victor Small Jr

About Me
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  • Educational Leadership for Social Justice Doctoral Student

  • Restorative Justice Activist, Facilitator, and Trainer

  • Motivated to end the School to Prison Pipeline

  • Former K-12 Teacher and Administrator

  • #RJLeagueChat Twitter and Voxer Chat Monitor

  • Champion for equity, inclusion, and anti-racism

  • Anti-bias and Trigger Coach


My Services

Education/Business Solutions


  • Custom Trainings

  • 2- Hour trainings to Multi-day Trainings

  • Structure and Policy Consulting

And many more...

Topics like:

  • White Supremacy

  • Microaggressions/Dehumanization

  • Restorative Justice Training

  • Triggers and Bias Training

  • Intersectionality and Positionality Trainings


And Many More...

"Cause I think we can make it, in fact, I'm sure/ and if you fall stand tall and come back for more."

Tupac Shakur

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