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About Me

Hi, I'm Victor!

Welcome to my corner of the world! I am a lifelong learner with a deep passion for exploring the complexities of our country's history and seeking answers to the most pressing questions. As a firm believer in the power of knowledge, I strive to understand the impact of our actions on others and the significance of treating one another with empathy and compassion.

Family is at the core of my life, and I take immense joy in being a loving husband to Jennifer, a devoted father to our daughters, Yvonne and Anita, and a proud companion to our K-9 friend, Challa. When I am not spending quality time with my loved ones, I indulge in creative pursuits like writing songs and poetry. Music is a significant part of my life, and I'm particularly drawn to the rhythms of Hip Hop and R&B. Additionally, I find solace and excitement in sports, especially basketball, and soccer.

Professionally, I am a Restorative Justice Advocate with a solid commitment to creating more equitable learning spaces for black and brown students. Through my journey as an Educational Leadership for Social Justice Doctoral Student, I have gained valuable insights into the educational system and how we can end the School to Prison Pipeline.

As a former K-12 Teacher and Administrator, I have witnessed firsthand the impact of advocacy for social justice in education. I am grateful for opportunities to use my voice to bring about positive change. I have been fortunate to share my message on platforms such as Leading Equity Summit, Cult of Pedagogy, and Learning for Justice (formerly Teaching for Tolerance).

My dedication to social justice extends beyond the virtual world. As a Restorative Justice Activist, Facilitator, and Trainer, I strive to build a fair and inclusive society. Through initiatives like #RJLeagueChat on Twitter and Voxer, I engage with others in meaningful conversations and actions to promote equity and anti-racism.

As an Anti-bias and Trigger Coach, I actively work to dismantle biases and encourage growth in individuals and institutions. Pursuing equity, inclusion, and anti-racism remains at the forefront of my endeavors.

Join me on this journey of learning, advocacy, and hope for education and social justice. Together, we can make a difference and build a brighter future for all. Thank you for being a part of this transformative endeavor.

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CSU, East Bay

EDUCATIONAL DOCTORATE: Educational Leadership for Social Justice


Brandman University

MASTERS OF EDUCATION: Instructional Technology



CSU, Sacramento

BACHELOR OF ARTS: English: Creative Arts


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