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Checking Your Triggers and Biases Sat, Jul 8, 2023, 10:00 AM

The Checking Bias and Triggers training is a concise and impactful session focusing on raising awareness and fostering inclusive interactions by addressing biases and triggers. Participants will explore the effects of white supremacy culture on US structures and culture, media influences, and day-to-day interactions. They will gain strategies to become more aware of their biases and effectively manage triggers, promoting equity and respect in their interactions with others.

Key Training Highlights:

Understanding White Supremacy Culture:

  • Explore the influence of white supremacy on US structures and culture.

  • Identify manifestations of white supremacy culture in media and other influences.

  • Examine how this culture impacts day-to-day interactions with individuals of different backgrounds.

Recognizing Personal Biases and Triggers:

  • Reflect on the influence of what we consume on our treatment of others.

  • Understand how cultural and structural factors shape decision-making and perceptions.

  • Identify personal biases and triggers that affect interactions and relationships.

Cultivating Awareness and Taking Action:

  • Develop strategies to increase awareness of biases and challenge their influence.

  • Learn techniques to manage and address triggers during interpersonal interactions.

  • Explore actionable steps to promote inclusivity, equity, and respectful interactions.

This training offers a concise yet impactful learning experience, empowering participants to unmask biases and manage triggers to create inclusive environments. By examining the effects of white supremacy culture and developing practical strategies, participants will be equipped to foster more equitable and respectful interactions with others, ultimately contributing to positive social change.


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