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Who Am I?

I am a lifelong learner which means that I will continue to ask questions and seek answers. The country that we’ve inherited is one with a complex and complicated history. We must continue to interrogate the systems and culture of our country. We need to understand the impact of our actions on others and begin to understand to treat one another. It’s imperative that we learn all of our history, especially the uncomfortable parts in order to learn from them.


I am a loving husband, father, and human to a K-9. In addition to hanging out with my wife, Jennifer, our daughter (Yvonne) and our dog (Challa), I love writing songs and poetry and working out. I’m really into music; I am a big fan of Hip Hop and R&B. I’m also a big sports fan; my main addictions are basketball and soccer.


I am a Restorative Justice Advocate. I have had the privilege of learning more about our educational system and how to create more equitable learning spaces for our black and brown students. I have found myself in positions to use my voice to ask for change. I have been privileged to be interviewed on various platforms like Leading Equity Summit, Cult of Pedagogy, and  Learning for Justice (formerly Teaching for Tolerance) to spread a message of hope for education.

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